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AIGA The American Institute of Graphic Arts
   AIGA-SLC Salt Lake City Chapter
MCA-I Media Communications Association - International [Formerly ITVA, International Television Association]
AMA American Management Association

Photo & Film

Nikon [Headquarters. Information on cameras, accessories, and photo techniques.]
   Nikon-USA [Slightly different camera information than the headquarters site]
Eastman KodakCompany [Broad photo information, film data sheets, etc.]
Agfa [Film data sheets available on line]
Fuji Photo Film U.S.A, Inc.
B&H Photo-Video-ProAudio [On-line catalog]

Shipping & Mailing

FedEx Federal Express [Home Page]
   FedEx Package Tracking [Package Tracking page]
UPS United Parcel Service [Home Page]
   UPS Package Tracking [Package Tracking page]
USPS US Postal Service []
   Address Verification [Lookup, verify, and correct zip codes and addresses]
   Stamps OnLine [See new stamp releases]
   Express Mail Tracking [You can now track Express Mail]
Address Server [Address Verification with bar-code printing]


The White House [Good links to other agencies]
LOC Library of Congress [On-line exhibits, links to other sites]
   Copyright Registration Information [Copyright office publications on-line]
   Copyright Application Forms [Forms in PDF format]
National Archives [Good supplement to the LOC site]
GPO U.S. Government Printing Office [Home Page]
   Government Regulations On Line [Find specific sections on-line. Good search engine]
   CBD Commerce Business Daily [See what the Government wants to buy today.]
NTIS National Technical Information Service [Publications supplement those from GPO]
OSHA Occupational Health & Safety Administration [Home Page]
DOE U.S. Department of Energy [Home Page]
   INL Idaho National Laboratory [Home Page]
   Hanford [Home Page]
   LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [Home Page]
   Rocky Flats [Home Page]
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission [Home Page]
   NRC News & Information [Better links to the whole site than the Home Page]
IRS Internal Revenue Service []
U.S. Customs Service [Home Page]
PolicyWorks Miscellaneous Government Policies & Regulations [Home Page]
   Federal Travel Regulations [Allowable Per Diem Expenses]


Adobe Systems Inc. [Home Page]
Extensis [Great Plug-ins.]


PBS Public Broadcasting [Home Page]
American Museum of Natural History [Home Page]
MoMA Museum of Modern Art [Home Page]
MMA Metropolitan Museum of Art [Home Page]
Guggenheim Museum [Home Page]
Le Louvre [Link is direct to the English version. Bypasses the Home Page.]
CNN Financial Network Stock Quotes [Can enter multiple requests on one line.]
Paper Direct Pre-Designed Paper Products

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